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Policies and Procedures
Lead time

Orders are normally shipped within two working days. However we do become very busy at various times of the year.  During these busy periods, you can expect it to take three to five work days to process your order. We will always do our best, but your rush orders may not be able to be shipped immediately.  *Your best plan is to plan ahead*  The more time you allow for us to fill your order, the more likely you are to receive your order when you need it.


Once your order has left our warehouse, we cannot add on an item (s) and give you the original price break from the initial order. The add-on must be treated as a new order.

Address corrections

Please provide us immediately with any new billing and ship to address information. We will need to update our files to ensure that your mail and product is being sent to the correct address. You will be responsible for any forwarding expenses.


Unless you tell us with each order how you want backorders to be handled, we will use our best judgment as to weather or not to ship or cancel back orders.

Canadian customers

We cannot ship COD to Canada.  Please make payments by pre-paying with a check or money order (payable in US funds) or by bank cards (VISA or MasterCard only).

Drop shipments

Drop ship fee is $5.00.
Floor base drop ship fee is $10.00.


Try as we may, you may find typographical errors in pricing, product description, catalog number, and elsewhere.  We are not responsible for any errors or omissions in our catalogs (both online and in print).

Minimum order

Our minimum is $50.00 per order.
Orders under $50.00 will be accessed a $5.00 non-minimum order fee.

Open accounts

Not available.

Past due accounts

We will not be able to process any additional orders if there are past due bills on your account.  (For example: Net 10's, balances due from prepays, etc.)  Your account will be placed on a credit hold until your account is paid to date.  You may also be subject to an account status change based on a review of your account.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Product returns

No merchandise is to be returned without our permission.  If we have made an error, or if the product is defective or damaged, we will pay for the return freight.  If the purchaser has made an error, the purchaser will be responsible for return freight cost plus a 15% restocking charge.  No returns are to be sent COD. Please examine your product upon receipt. No returns on any product after 60 days.


Special orders, close-outs, sale Items and goods purchased 30 days prior to return.

Remit to

Payments should be made payable to: Handley Industries Ltd.

Returned checks

A $35.00 fee will be charged for checks not accepted by the bank.  You may also have an account status change based on our review of your account.  Any and all additional costs associated in collecting funds will be your responsibility.

Shipping charges

All shipments of product will have freight, insurance and COD fees applied as appropriate.  One total amount will show in the freight charge box.


We reserve the right to substitute with parts of equal or greater quality.


Check packing slip to be sure you have received the correct amount of boxes!  Please count all pieces against the packing slip upon opening the packages!

All orders are F.O.B. our warehouse in Buffalo, New York.  Should you discover either damaged or shortage, please proceed as follows:

  • A UPS claim must be placed immediately on anything broken (even a single item).  Invoice must be paid in full.  (Do not deduct for damaged items.)  Replacements will be made only after claim is made and Handley Industries, Ltd. is notified by UPS.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  • Save all cartons, both inner and outer, along with packaging materials and damaged items.  This is required by our carrier.
  • Damaged merchandise, carton and packaging material will be inspected by carrier and picked up for return to us.
  • Do not return any merchandise directly to us.  The carrier is liable for this shipment, and no claim can be filed by anyone if the merchandise is returned to us.
  • Shortage ... Please recheck all packaging material.  All orders are counted twice by different individuals prior to shipping ... and in most instances, pieces are overlooked in the unpacking.

Method of payment

.Bank Card: Visa or MasterCard only. 

CODs: Checks, Money Orders and Official Bank Checks are acceptable.

All payments are to be made in US Funds/Dollars drawn on a U.S. Bank for full invoice amount.

Price breaks

When selecting items, check for appropriate quantity price breaks.  Due to packaging, measurements, etc., you will find various quantity breaks for pricing in different sections.